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End of Season Party! 2008!

Yes..... that was a good night.

It had it all... The glamour...David Honeyball on the red carpet!

The gossip... Jamie came out to his girlfriend and finally told her that he is straight!

The success... all teams finally merged into one club. The positivity shown last night was the biggest success of the evening.

The Awards.....

Alex Bedwell was 1st team player of the year.
Kyle Powell 2nd team player of the year.
John Dunne 3rd team player of the year.

Top scorers..... 2nd team: Kyle Powell (40)
......3rd team: Steve Kill (15)

2nd xl Champions Division 6 North 2007/8

Clubman of the year: Chris Lee

A Special award was made to Paul Leopold who takes up the President's mantle.

Special Lifetime Acheivement awards go to:

Mark Evans

Steve Hayden (Chairman)

...For outstanding service over several years of hard work on the committee and loyal patronage on the field of play...(I couldn't fit that all on the award).

A special touch was the 1st team honouring Mark and Steve with replica Brazil shirts (I want one).

Special Thanks to Dave Honeyball for helping to arrange the evening.

Jamie Hutber for sorting out the food and end of season videos.

'Pies' for emptying out everyones pockets for the raffle.

Jason Winborn for his help.

...and Steve Hayden for his presentational and inspirational qualities.

xxx to Frances and Linda behind the bar!

Extra thanks to everyone who turned out and helped to raise a little profit to add to the coffers!

I am off to shed a few (several) pounds gained over the last couple of weeks.... I will be ready and fighting fit for next season....

you will be too...won't you?


Posted on: Sunday, 3rd January 2010

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