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Site Login Updated

I'm sure some of you might have noticed that recently you haven't been able to save your cookie session for the site. By this I mean it doesn't save your details when you say remember me ;)

Well a lot of work went into getting this corrected and for such a simple thing it gave me quite a headache. Maybe its the bang on my head. Either or, its fixed, its working and its pretty dam sexy if I do say so myself.

Ermm so I changed the way we log in as well from JavaScript to what it is now which is just a simple drop down box. The reason being that before people were complaining about logging in via their iPhone or well a mobile phone in fairness. Now you won't have that problem. Also the old log in didn't remember where you came from once you logged in. So now if you visit the forum and then it prompts you to log once you are logged in it will redirect you back to the forum.

That said i have also had to rewrite the log out script :( as the sessions weren't being completely removed once you hit log out. They were enough to use the site properly but anything past a browsers session weren't removed.

Summing up, everything is how it should be and fixed. But as always if there are any bugs with logging in or out please use the forum to let me know.


Posted on: Sunday, 3rd January 2010

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