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2nds Smash oppo

This saturday at Firs Farm saw the 2nds look to finish the season on a high knowing the title and promotion had just eluded them !!

If their was any dissapointment that this was the case you wouldnt have seen it, right from the get go they ran riot absolutely bossing the oppo in what was a a scintillating (thank god for spell checker lol) performance by the 2nds but 1 player in particular... TAKE A BOW ... "Mich Green" who banged in 8 yes EIGHT goals which im sure must be a Mayfield record !!

Needless to say they eventually ran out 9-1 winners in a performance which speaks volumes about the quality the team has, and should they keep the same squad together for next season , theres no reason why the 2nds cant bring home the 6 North league title next season !!

Mich Green 8 (eight)
Steven Apampa

Posted on: Sunday, 3rd January 2010

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