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Website Launch

Yes today was the day that saw the new improved Mayfield athletic FC website.

While the site may look amazing and take your breath away you will all have to be patient while we worm out all the small bugs and problems created from having multiple users using the site. So if you start seeing red don't hit your computer. Please navigate to our new improved forum, while your there why not leave your happy thoughts in the Bugs and Site Issues section.

Even though itís a new website you will not need to re-register just use your old account login details. If for some reason you have forgotten your login details why not navigate to our new forgotten password form which will send you your account details to the email account you registered with. If however you have changed your email or any other reason you can't obtain your login details please email us at

Stats, match reports, league table, fixtures and results, media, playerís pages and many more have all been completed re-designed. As you navigate round the site you will notice a lot more options for each page. Use these to look back and reminisce about the past.

So enjoy your stay with the new site. We also have new Terms and Conditions and also a new privacy policy. Itís worth checking these to make sure you are happy with everything that goes on with you and the site.

Thanks for your time and don't forget to get involved with the banter in the forum.

Posted on: Sunday, 3rd January 2010

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