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We need 1st Team and 3rd Team Web Editors.

So we are in week 5 of the season and still there is no 1st team or 3rd team player willing to do this side of the site for their team. In a nut-shell this is a call out for a player from each team to run the admin side of their sites. Do the match ratings, pick man of the match, select the player ratings, make the players profile pages and much more. Its pretty simple. Without these things its creating the same problem that we had last season, for which i was slated for not making a club website. Its killing me not knowing who is the clubs top goal scorer.

Jason and Dave haven't signed up, thus creating a hole for a web "captain". So would somebody from the 3rd team would one of the 3rd team be willing to give this a trial run. The 1st team also seems to have a lack of captain support so any 1st team player up for this brilliant job?

Let me know please: i'll make you a admin on the site and see how things go...

Posted on: Sunday, 3rd January 2010

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