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Just to re-confirm what Dave has said already, the confirm button is now fully activated and anybody who wants to play in any up and coming matches must either:
1. click confirm
2. Make sure that either myself, Dave or Stephen are aware of what your plans are.

I started a forum thread which goes like this:
"Guys come on is it really that hard to click confirm. Last Saturday Elliot Brathwaite didn't click the confirm button but I stupidly assumed he was playing. Thus when he didn't play we lost a place and also a chance to test a new player out. I can't blame him because if you don't click confirm then as far as I am concerned you are not playing, unless you have let me know by other means. This weeks team selection will reflect this.

Stephen and myself will pick the team with the selection in front of us. "

So again this is everybodies heads up that the team sheet will be dependant on who is made available that we are made aware of.

Posted on: Sunday, 3rd January 2010

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